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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My First Day As A Business Owner!

On September 5th, I began my first day as a business owner.  Filled with excitement, I met with my first appointment of the day at 8:00 am.  As I thought about my journey to becoming a business owner, I realized I had some tips to share with others who might be venturing out on their own, or who simply are attempting to achieve a major milestone.

Don't have time to read the full blog?  Check out my video on YouTube where I share the three tips.

#1.  Make the Decision-Today, make the decision to accomplish what you are wanting to achieve.  If it is owning your own business, decide today.  If your goal is to return to school, make the decision today.  Or if you are an aspiring author, decide today that you will achieve your goal.  Once you make  up in your mind that you are going to do it, you invite positive energy to channel your way and things will begin to fall into place.  Every action thereafter will be a step closer to your dream.

#2.  Keep Your Focus-It is easy to become distracted by life and to get off track from what you want to accomplish.  Goals must be established to help you reach your dream.  I also suggest you identify some accountability partners-people who will hold you accountable to what you have set out to accomplish.  You need individuals in your corner who will call you and ask you about the task you stated you were going to tackle a week ago.  If you are a person of faith, I highly encourage you to get connected with a prayer partner.  There is nothing like covering your goals and aspirations in prayer.

#3.  Enjoy the Journey-Once you have made the decision to go after your dream and choose to remain focused, keeping track of your journey will be beneficial as well.  By deciding to become a business owner verses an employee, your mindset will undergo a major transformation.  Choosing to become an author instead of someone who dreams of writing books is a significant step.  Becoming someone who possesses a degree instead of someone who hopes to go to school one day will be a tremendous change, an important journey.  Your journey should be documented either by capturing what you are experiencing in a blog or via video snippets or by simply journaling.  Capture it!

So, today, make the decision to go for it, remain focused and enjoy your journey.  You will be glad you did!

Shatanese is a business owner and author of future books who resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and their six children.  She enjoys walks on the beach and colorful sunrises.  Shatanese's goal is to find the extraordinary in every day moments.

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