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Angel Babies-A Lesson in Healing

"I am sorry, Mrs. Reese.  The pregnancy is no longer viable."  Tears welled up in my eyes as the doctor continued with the final details of the visit.  I could not hear much of what was being said as I focused on the sense of loss I felt.  My body felt heavy and my spirit was grieved. 

The appointment eventually concluded and I made my way to the elevator.  The doors closed and finally, I was alone.  Alone with my thoughts, fears, disappointment and sadness.  I became painfully aware that I was physically alone as well.  The small being who had been growing inside of me for the past several weeks was no longer there.  Gone...never to be held in my arms. 

Suddenly, the elevator door opened and in walked a very pregnant woman.  I quickly looked at the floor, fighting back fresh tears.  As I exited the elevator, I could no longer hold back the flood of tears that had been threatening to overtake me.  With my vision blurred, I clumsily made my way to my car and slid in behind …

Their Eyes Are Always Watching

Allow me to be transparent for a moment as I share an example of how I was not at my best as a parent.  Last week, while traveling to visit my parents, I allowed our oldest son to get in some driving practice by driving our SUV to our destination.  We quickly learned that traffic was going to be problematic on the interstate and that an alternate route was needed.   I was seated near my two youngest children and therefore navigated our route from the backseat guiding him off the interstate through the side streets of southwest Atlanta. 

Suddenly, a situation unfolded before our eyes.  I told my son to take a left to enter the on-ramp leading to I20 east.  Since we were attempting to take a left-hand turn, we proceeded cautiously towards the intersection. We could see that traffic was slowing to a crawl and wondered what was the delay?  Was there road construction or a terrible accident? 

As we approached, we discovered there were two cars blocking the on-ramp and one of the two cars…