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I've Been to the Mountaintop...with Nina Sophia!

Over the weekend, my family and I were invited to join close friends on a quest to walk to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. "It will be a nice leisurely walk," we were told. "Plus, it is beautiful outside!" Convinced we could not pass up the invitation, we loaded up the kids and were off!

The last time our family had been to Kennesaw Mountain was more than two yeas ago when we visited as a way to celebrate Mother's Day. I was pregnant with Nina Sophia at the time, our fifth child, and secretly hoped the visit would encourage her to make her way into the world. Of course, Nina had plans of her own and did not make her arrival until a few weeks later, closer to her due date. Nonetheless, the kids had a vague memory of visiting Kennesaw Mountain, but their memory included a shuttle bus trip up and back down the mountain. Not so for this trip.

We all started out at the base of the mountain as a group but quickly broke into smaller groups as we proceeded towards…