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Puzzle Pieces, A Lesson For Marriages

My Sister in Christ, the beautiful Nakita Williams, facilitated an exercise a few weeks ago during We Honor Marriage at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral.I am still thinking about the insights gained during our time together.
She divided the class into four groups and gave each group a puzzle.She told us to work together as a group and assemble the puzzles that were inside each box as quickly as we could.We only had a few minutes to assemble our puzzles.
In our group, we strategically began tackling the sides.I immediately could tell we did not have all the pieces we needed to complete our puzzle and I said to the group, “We are missing some pieces.”Everyone looked at the image on the box and assessed all of our pieces.We kept working.
All the while, Nakita was walking around and calling out the remaining time.We could hear at least one group cheering as they were nearing the end of their assembled puzzle.The pressure was on!
Not to be outdone, our group continued to put together as…

Performance Management Doesn't Have to Be a Bad Word

It's near the end of the year and many companies have begun their performance management cycle.  Unfortunately, this process is still being mismanaged and mishandled by many well-meaning employers, thereby causing employees to view the process in a negative perspective.

In fact, according to research released in 2015 by Saba and, only half of employers surveyed actually conduct annual reviews at a minimum.  Although, according to a SHRM March 2018 article by Dave Zielinski, there is hope as employers attempt to improve their performance management processes using technology.  Performance management does not have to be seen as a necessary evil.  With intentionality, employees and employers can have meaningful dialogues about performance and what adjustments can be made to reach organizational and professional goals.

When you think of performance management what comes to mind?  Do you view it as an exciting opportunity to showcase your talents with your superviso…

Virtual Interviews-The Wave of the Future

Virtual interviews are becoming more commonplace in the recruiting process.  Are you prepared?

As a Senior Recruiter withForrest Johnson RecruitingI am currently using virtual interviews for my initial phone screens of candidates.

The individual you see in the photo happens to be my daughter and it illustrates the wave of the future in recruiting-virtual interviews.

Virtual interviews are a great way for recruiters to ascertain the candidate's poise, ability to use technology and ease in responding concisely to questions. You might be surprised by the number of people who are ill-prepared for their virtual interview.
Virtual interviews can be in the form of either pre-recorded videos or live interviews.  During pre-recorded virtual interviews, a candidate must respond in a certain time-frame to pre-recorded questions.  During live interviews a candidate is speaking directly with an interviewer, simply virtually.  In either case, it is easy to become nervous and not perform at your be…